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Make Native iOS and Android apps with JSON.


Share your JSON easily. Copy and paste them and test!.


Use JSX to create JSON!.

Why use JSON to create Apps?

Because it's awesome.

Powerful and unified language JSON is an industry standard today. Computers can understand it and humans too!. You can always use transpilers like hjson to ease development.

Easy to learn By using a simple language like JSON you can learn and implement faster. Saving time and delivering more results.

Huge Ecosystem Nearly every software today supports JSON. Finding professionals and creating tools that understands JSON will be a piece of cake!.

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Batteries Included?

See some awesome NATIVE things you can do using Jasonelle!.

Create Buttons

{ "type": "button" }

Create Images

{ "type": "image" }

Create Labels

{ "type": "label" }

Make HTTP Requests

{ "type": "$network.request" }

Get GPS Data

{ "type": "$geo.get" }

Show a Map

{ "type": "map" }

Record Audio

{ "type": "$audio.record" }

Scan QR Codes

{ "type": "$vision.scan" }

Play Videos

{ "type": "$media.play" }

Save to Cache

{ "type": "$cache.set" }

Import External JS

{ "type": "$script.include" }

Include Web Containers

{ "type": "html" }

And Much More!