Cell.js No Longer Maintained


Cell.js was an amazing web framework created by Ethan. It’s main goal was to simplify web development using JSON like structures.

Jasonelle Team decided that no longer will invest time in Cell.js development.

The main reason is the following:

Jasonelle will be about Mobile App Development. Web development will not be the focus for Jasonelle.

A framework to be succesfully be adopted, needs a huge amount of work, examples and documentation. And we want to focus on Jasonette and related tools.

If you want to pick Cell.js as a maintainer, we happily will give you our blessings and support your efforts.

Other components like ST.js will continue to be maintained because they are fundamental parts of Jasonette engine.

If you want some recommendation to replace cell.js we like https://mithril.js.org/.