Jasonbase Is Down


As some of you may have noticed if you visit jasonbase.com, you will encounter a 500 error.

This was expected since we didn’t have any access to the server or the domain configuration.

This means that other pages may dissapear as well like jasonette.com, celljs.org. Since we cannot pay for the servers to continue running.


Jasonbase’s focus was to make easier to share JSON files, mainly used for Jasonette projects. We were able to rescue important code from there, but maybe some code was lost.

We hope someday Ethan could restore the service. In the meantime you could use the following alternatives.


This is a simple hosting were you can store all your js, json and multimedia. It even supports IPFS DNS!.

This is the most user friendly and free option.



This is an option for those more tech savvy.



Firebase offers a free hosting server. But you should learn how to use their cli tools.



For testing up projects you can use scripts like $ python3 -m http.server . and mix it with tools like https://ngrok.com/

An other option is using a proper server like https://caddyserver.com/

Own Server

Well this option can be paying a shared hosting, a VPS from Digital Ocean or Linode. Maybe a custom AWS Lambda to serve your json.