Jasonbase New Version

Jasonbase is reborn


Well today I dedicated the entire day working on a new version of JasonBase, since the old one is dead.

You can access and use it now in https://base.jasonelle.com

And of course see the code at https://github.com/jasonelle/jasonbase

Main Differences

This is a list of differences.

Old New
Private Source Code Available in Github
Made in Ruby on Rails Made with PHP and ProcessWire
User and Password No User-Password only Private Link
Full code editor Just a simple Textarea
Only Json supported in input Json and HJson Supported in input
Output non minimized Minimized output
Intended for Production Intended for Testing and Quick Sharing
Made by Ethan Made by CLSource

The focus on the new Jasonbase is only on the code sharing part. No fancy code editor and web administration. Just copy and paste the code you want to share and that’s it.

There are plenty of good choices in code editors much better tailored for use in programming.

Save your Links in a secure place, there are no way to recover them if you forgot your public or private links.

Where to host

Jasonbase is intented for testing only. So do not rely on it for use in production level applications (apps that consumers will use in real life).

For that kind of use cases you can use more mature and battle tested services like Neocities.org or a custom vps server in Digital Ocean or your favourite web hosting.