Jasonette 2 Release Date!

When?. Soon.


On November 6th it will be a whole year since the beginning of this humble project. We made a lot of changes, bug fixes and some new features to the Jasonette code base since Ethan left.

Expect a new release near the second week of November 2019. This will be stored in the https://github.com/jasonelle/jasonelle repository, in the releases tab.

Future plans?

After learning the inner workings of the Jasonette code base and a lot of feedback made in the community we discovered that many issues could be solved by simplifyng the code base.

The current code base was made mainly by Ethan and a few contributors. The first version was iOS and made using trial, error and experiments between 2014-2016. So it’s functional but super messy and is difficult to know where to look to fix a certain problem or extend it. Also was programmed using Objective-C, a programming language that fewer people are learning today since Swift is the new preferred language for iOS. This was a wise choice by Ethan because at the time Swift wasn’t ABI Stable. That means it was tied to a specific Xcode version, so using Objective-C enable using any compatible Xcode.

Now, after five years since it’s debut Swift is stable enough to justify create a framework like Jasonelle with it.

The Android version was born a month after Jasonette debut. It was heavily coded by Ethan and friends. But as it was rushed, the codebase feels messy and a lot of code could be improved to be more robust, friendly and easier to maintain.

So after much deliberation we decided that Jasonelle 3.0 will be a total new core both in Android and iOS. This is surely a task that could raise some eyebrows. But in the long run it would ease the development flow bringing new opportunities for growth. Today we have a clearer picture of the goals set originally by Ethan and can implement a better architecture that supports such vision.

The important thing is that it will be backwards compatible with the current jason specs as much as possible. The main difference it would be the separation between the core and the extensions. The core would consist of a few javascript files and native code that implements the bare minimum to generate the data needed for the app to function. The extensions or plugins will offer the components, actions and services available today in version 2, but they will be slowly and incrementally added once the core is made.

Additionally we want to simplify the framework so it will become a micro framework for mobile apps. Today we have juggernauts like React Native, Native Script, Flutter and several other html-js based alternatives. We believe our niche is targeted to small and hobbist type apps. Emulating the philosophy of web frameworks like Flask we want to provide the minimal needed to create a small app, but be flexible enough to create a complex one too.

Many of the current code will be refurbished, refactored and finally implemented in new languages like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.


We have high expectations for Jasonelle in the future. The current 2.0 version will be the last one to be directly based on the original codebase made by Ethan and then the focus will be creating a new core mixing all the good ideas that were born in the mobile ecosystem since the framework debut in 2016.