Jasonette 2 development will begin

New Jasonette Version


The current version of Jasonette (Android and iOS) will stop to be futher maintained with bug fixes or new features. The reason is that all the time and energy will be focused on a new version of Jasonette.


  • Backward compatible with Jasonette 1. So you don’t have to learn anything new.
  • Modular Code. So it’s easier to understands what’s going on behind scenes.


The first platform to be supported will be iOS since it’s the platform that Jasonelle team have better expertise. Once the iOS version is complete an Android version could start to be programmed.

New Tools

New tools are planned to be created alonside the new version. Like Jay a tool for compiling JSX to Json. and Jazz, a Jasonette JSON linter.

See Roadmap for futher details.

Final Thoughs

This is a new chapter in the history of Jasonette and Ethan’s legacy. We want to improve on it’s efforts and bring you awesome tools to unleash all your creativity in Mobile App Development.