One Year Without Ethan

We really miss you


Today marks one year after Ethan left the digital world.

Ethan Icon

Ethan was a tremendous human being, someone you can trust and have a good conversation of about any topic.

We really want to think that he took a super long vacation and someday will return. We maintain the hopes high.

This is similar to the tragicomedy.

In this day we want to highlight a tweet he wrote in response to this question.

Chris Kluis:

@gliechtenstein what are your plans for monetization and or enterprise/corporate support?


The plan is to get to a point where building apps is so trivial that nobody even thinks about monetizing apps. People should make apps because they want to use themselves, not to extract money from users.

So no, I won’t monetize Jasonette by building a SaaS around it or doing consulting model. I don’t want to live in a world where people pay money to make what they want to use. Anyone should be able to build apps like building a lego castle, for free.

That really struck a chord with us. We know the value of money and that is needed in order to buy food and pay the bills.

But we also want to follow Ethan’s vision for Jasonette. A world were Anyone should be able to build apps.

Currently we are only dedicating our spare time to the project. If we really want to dedicate more time we have to come up with some way to pay the bills. Some way that is compatible with Ethan’s vision.

In the meantime we will keep working and having an amazing time in this project.

To finish this blog post, we think enough time have passed to mark June 9 as a milestone named Ethan’s day. To remember the wonderful person that left, but someday could return.

If you want to know more about the history of the project you can go here