3 Jasonelle Team

Jasonelle Team consist of different people that shares the following vision:

Forge a technology that lowers the barriers for mobile app creation. And those apps could still be used in 100 years or more.

3.1 Members

3.1.1 Active Members

Name Photo Role Years
CLSource Fire Keeper 2018 - present
Pantorozo Forgemaster (Android) 2019 - present

3.1.2 Retired Members

Jasonelle Team is grateful for the contribution of the following people:

Name Photo Role Years
Ethan Prometheus 2016 - 2018

3.1.3 Blaze Collaborators

Name Photo Role Years
Christian Swanepoel   Blaze (iOS, Android, Testing) 2019 - present
Al Sanchez Blaze (Desing, Testing) 2019 - present

3.2 Roles

The following roles can be asignated to one or more people.

Role Description
Prometheus Only can be assigned to Ethan.
Fire Keeper Part of core team. Main admin. Coordinates All Teams and Jasonelle related tasks. Only can be assigned to one person.
Forgemaster Part of core team. Focused mainly in one area. Android, iOS, Docs, Community, etc.
Blaze Collaborator Sporadical helper. Not part of core team. But can made significant contributions and helping in general. May have to coordinate with a Forgemaster.

3.2.1 Prometheus

This role belongs to Ethan. As per wikipedia.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus (pronounced [promɛːtʰéu̯s], possibly meaning “forethought”) is a Titan, culture hero, and trickster figure who is credited with the creation of man from clay, and who defies the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity, an act that enabled progress and civilisation. Prometheus is known for his intelligence and as a champion of humankind and also seen as the author of the human arts and sciences generally.

Same as Prometheus, Ethan gave us the first fire.

3.2.2 Fire Keeper

This is a special role. Contains the following responsabilities:

  • Pay for the servers and domains and keep them alive.
  • Coordinate with Forgemasters, Blazes and community members.
  • Define roadmaps and general evolution of the project.
  • Desition making.
  • Promote Jasonelle.
  • Communicate Kindly.

This role is similar to the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benevolent_dictator_for_life but with the consideration that the Fire Keeper could change overtime. It’s not a “for life” designation or by any means a “dictator”. But surely is “benevolent”.

Normally is expected that a Fire Keeper stays active for at least 2 years. The Fire Keeper role can only be passed on to a Forgemaster if the current Fire Keeper decides to move on.

The Fire Keeper role can be renewed, revoked or renounced. Deadman Clause

The Fire Keeper must pass the access keys, admin accounts and other related secrets to at least one trusted Forgemaster of its choosing. In case the Fire Keeper sundenly dissapears or is not active in at least 6 months.

The chosen Forgemaster will be considered the new Fire Keeper and have to continue the project and decide it’s future.

This is to mitigate the risk of repeating Ethan suddenly dissapearing. See History.

3.2.3 Forgemaster

This role is for people interested in programming, documentation or general support tasks. Contains the following responsabilities:

  • Constantly improve and update code and docs.
  • Participate resolving questions in the community.
  • Take desitions regarding the area of choice.
  • Coordinates with Fire Keeper and other members.
  • Promote Jasonelle.
  • Communicate Kindly.

Only one Forgemaster per area can be at the same time. Exceptions could be made if appropiate.

Normally is expected that a Forgemaster stays active for at least 6 months.

The Forgemaster role can be renewed, revoked or renounced.

3.2.4 Blaze Collaborator

A blaze collaborator is a trusted member of the community. Normally someone who can help the core team in small tasks and sporadically test code, detect bugs, answer questions or coordinates various tasks with a Forgemaster.

A Blaze is not required to participate actively. But if more than 6 months pass without any significant activity. It would be considered retired. (This status can be changed to active if requested later).

The Blaze role can be renewed, revoked or renounced.

3.3 How to Join?

Being part of the core team of Jasonelle requires following some simple rules:

  • Weekly Activity: At least some weekly activity related to your role is expected. It’s not required to have 40 hours weeks. But at least dedicate a few hours a week to the project in order to have meaningful contributions. Find the right balance.

  • Be Kind: Interactions between core members and the community must be as kind as possible. Following the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines. https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/kind-communication.html.

  • 6 months minimum: The least amount of time you must invest is 6 months. If you want to help but don’t want to go full you can be a Blaze collaborator.

  • Promote Jasonelle: Friendly talk about Jasonelle Technology with people that may have interest in making mobile apps. Maybe in meetups or small talks. Spamming would not be tolerated.

  • Expertise in one or more areas: iOS, Android, JS, Docs, Etc..

If you think this is something you want to do, please contact the current Fire Keeper with your ideas and why you should be a Forgemaster or Blaze.

3.3.1 How to Quit?

You can always quit (or be left out) the team. Please contact the Fire Keeper with your request.

The Fire Keeper have the rights to fire someone if they:

  • Present continuos non kindly behaviour against the project, team or community members.

  • Participate (directly or indirectly) in unethical or questionable activities that could affect Jasonelle reputation or the community safety.

  • Members of the community or team feels that the role is not being correctly fulfilled.

  • Other considerations.

3.3.2 Are there any profits?

This is a community project that does not have direct sources of income to the maintainers.

All team members are encouraged to generate revenue by alternative means: Professional Services, Premium Apps, Courses or similar artifacts.

Jasonelle project will provide exposure and direct traffic to such activities in order to sustain development. Example: List of Official Apps, Certified Services or Courses.

3.4 Contributions

Please create an issue in Jasonelle/Jasonelle before making a pull request in order to talk about how to approach a solution.

Also please be aware of the contribution guidelines and agreements of each repository.

3.4.1 Branches

Normally each repo contains the following branches. Exceptions may occur if needed. master

Stores code that can be used. Is updated once in a while with the code in develop. develop

This branch contains bleeding edge code. May break the build. Is merged to master when enough changes (not more than two weeks of work) are made and compiles successfully.

  • Only code in the develop branch can be merged into master.

  • All commits must be merged. No rebasing or squashing.

  • Other branches must be deleted or archived when it’s purpose is met.

  • uncrustify (or other code style standarization) should be applied before merging into master.

3.4.2 Releases

Jasonelle will release a new version every six months (June 9 and November 6) in the repository Jasonelle/Jasonelle.

  • A release will contain the master branch of each relevant repository (Android, iOS, Docs, etc). The code in master must be tagged with the release version.

3.4.3 Version number

The version number would be discussed with all the team members before hand. Follows Romantic Versioning. Must be greater than the current version.

3.4.4 Nicknames

A nickname can be assigned to a new version. This nickname must be from a Greek Mythology background.

The nickname can be chosed by either the core team or from community feedback. June 9

This date marks the last known activity of Ethan. A new release should be made on this week. November 6

This date marks the day Jasonelle Team took the Fire and started this project. A new release should be made on this week.

3.5 Support

Jasonelle is made by the collective efforts of different people. Is not funded or sponsored by any company, organization or investor of any kind.

If you want to give support to keep development going you can contact members on this list individually.

3.5.1 List of People Ignacio Álvarez

Following the same spirit and to help me continue with the project. I leave you my different wallets, in case you want to make a voluntary contribution. Any contribution is welcome, does not matter the amount.

Crypto Wallet
Chaucha ceoNBCv1JF6GgeAhsFLk6efbRkCX5n8kZn
Bitcoin 1CWpA2XnFnfTnbAJN94MpQWyunJgoKYz8K
Ethereum 0x9f2688B1a76CC24dA8610E90767c319fb2EA2Af0
Litecoin LVBocBQpqD7FrXiUNrAtrkQtw1JdG6CBQt
Bitcoin Cash 14X2cEXpT6BLhFtFhYizCdUgoKtAXede4Z Christian Swanepoel

  • Role Blaze: Android, iOS tester.
  • Website: https://ventum.co.za/.
  • Services: Jasonelle Support, Mobile App Consulting.

I have a concrete background and foundation in the creative industry, not only as a designer, but also as a programmer. I am happiest (and most productive) spending time in my own matrix: troubleshooting, coding, writing automation scripts and I have done so on servers all over the globe.

I am currently the head of Ventum SA and believe, if I can’t find the right software solutions for you, we will write it.

My journey with Jasonelle started in 2018 stemming from a client brief requiring an in-house corporate application, providing information to their distributed sales team of over 200. As a result, I couldn’t be happier to have them on Jasonelle, now with an app in both the Android and iOS App stores. As a backend developer, Jasonelle ticked all the boxes, allowing me to continue to develop rad tech, knowing that Jasonelle’s architecture and close-knit community spirit will make lightweight of any UX requirement. Al Sanchez

  • Role Blaze: Android, iOS, Designer and tester.
  • Website: https://www.stackk.xyz/.
  • Services: Jasonelle Support, Web and Mobile App Consulting.

We develop custom web and mobile apps for startups, non-profit organizations and established companies. We can help you using Jasonelle technology to create your next project!.