All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

v3.0.2 (next)


  • [JLClipboard] Added $clipboard.set(text) and $clipboard.get() functions. This will allow copy and access text in native clipboard.

  • [JLDevice] Added $ function. To provide access to native device information.

  • [JLContacts] Added $contacts.authorize() function. Now the extension would not trigger authorization on install.

  • [JLAudio] Added $audio extension. It has $audio.player, $audio.recorder and $audio.vibrate functions.

  • [JLPhotoLibrary] Added $ and $ functions. The extension no longer triggers authorization on install.

  • [Core] Added a Makefile command to fix "bad interpreter: Operation not permitted" errors. This error maybe caused by downloading bash files from untrusted sources. Execute make permissions inside sources/xcode directory to fix any compilation problems with that issue.

  • [Core] Add a example.html file. Fill it with the examples for the extension.

  • [Core] Add a Build Phase Script in the framework project.


  • [Core] Improved the way the example html file is generated. Now extensions can add the examples on compilation time.

# Only copy the examples if the examples directory exists
if [ -d "${EXAMPLES_DIR}" ]
 cat "${SOURCES_DIR}/examples.html" > "${EXAMPLES_DIR}/${NAME}.example.html"


  • [ARM Macs]. Automatically detects processor and selects the proper build tool.
  • [Core]. Fixed crash when clicking a non html link (now shows SFSafariViewController).


v3.0.1 (March 2023)


  • Ability for extensions to inject Javascript to the WKWebView instance.

  • Ability for the WKWebView instance to load url by using deep links like: jasonelle://href?=

  • Added JLPhotoLibrary extension that helps requesting access to photo library.

  • $keychain extension: $keychain.set, $keychain.get, $keychain.remove for usage within the WebView. This will enable storing data securely in the iOS's keychain.

  • $cookies extension: $cookies.set, $cookies.get, $cookies.remove for usage within the WebView. This will help with storing cookies in the keychain. Requires $keychain extension to be enabled. Also you can use $cookies.Cookies to access js-cookie library.

  • $contacts extension: $contacts.all for usage within the WebView.

  • Ability to have allowed list of urls in configuration. Not allowed urls will launch native browser.

  • Added LaunchScreen file (Both in SwiftUI and Storyboard file).

  • Added WebView.edgesIgnoringSafeArea(.all). Some websites need this, specially when using a navbar. Thanks to @M├Ąttu in Telegram for pointing this out.

  • Added meta viewport js fix for websites that do not have proper metatag. In webview.js.

  • Added example extension.

  • Added hook triggering for extensions.

  • Added event triggering in webview for extensions.

  • Added Reachability Events Extension.


  • WKWebView triggered appdidLoad event more than once. Now it only triggers the event when loaded.

  • crashed when using paths with spaces.


v3.0.0 (September 2022)

This is a new engine created from scratch by Camilo in 2022. (AGPLv3 or MPLv2 Licenses). It was ditched the old json based approach to a javascript one. Consists of mainly a WebView engine, because there are lots of competition of "native over the wire" frameworks, and was better to focus on the Web App market such as Bubble users.

  • New rewrite of the engine from scratch.
  • Will only focus on webview workflow.
  • No need for Cocoapods, Carthage or Swift PM.
  • Native over the wire workflows delegated to other frameworks like Native Live.


Legacy Versions (2016 - 2022)

These versions are not currently supported, but maybe something can be learned or be useful. These were using the old engine created originally by Ethan. (MIT License).