Jasonelle is a nice native wrapper for your Web Application.


The project requires purchasing a license if you want to:

  • Use MPLv2 code.
  • Execute in real hardware.

With this small contribution you enable us to continue creating awesome tools for your web applications.

By adquiring a License Key you agree with the following:

  • Use Jasonelle's technologies and licenses in an ethical way.
  • Respect the artifacts license terms and conditions.
  • Must not share the license keys with third parties.
  • Must not create direct competitors to Jasonelle by rebranding, customizing and reselling the framework and related technologies or services.

Please select the License Key that better fits your project.

Jasonelle Friend's Membership SubscriptionThank you Key
Monthly Payment RequirementSingle Payment
Jasonelle's Membership Keys can be used in any amount of projects, as long as the subscription is maintained.This license allows Jasonelle framework to be used by you or one client, in a single commercial end product.
The license expires if the membership is terminatedThank you key licenses do not expire. That's why they are a little more expensive than the subscription.
Join SubscriptionPurchase Thank you Key

Please go to Jasonelle Store to purchase a license and edit Love.h to allow real device execution and MPLv2 licensed code.

If no license is purchased then the code is under AGPLv3. And will not execute using real devices. Although you can activate the full mode if you want to test if Jasonelle is good for your use case (some features like GPS need real hardware for testing).

Please purchase a license key if you want to use Jasonelle's solutions in your project.

Since we cannot enforce this. We rely on your good heart. We trust you are a kind person who will activate this mode ethically.


For help and general chat go to our Telegram group.

The main repository is:


The latest releases are available at:

Current Version

The current version is v3.


The projects documentation is inside the jasonelle.github.io repository. You can access it online at:

Dual License

Jasonelle Project is dual licensed. You can choose between AGPLv3 or MPLv2. MPLv2 is only valid if the software has a unique Jasonelle Key which was purchased in official channels.

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